About Us

Jawad Mian founded Stray Reflections in 2014 and serves as the publication’s Managing Editor. He is devoted to the pursuit of truth—in life and markets. As the poet Muhammad Iqbal wrote in his journal in 1910, “I wandered in pursuit of my own self; I was the traveler, and I am the destination.”

Jawad didn’t study at an Ivy league school, wasn’t trained by an investment bank, and never worked for a hedge fund. He started his career as a bank teller. For the longest time, he thought his unconventional background was a shortcoming. He felt awkward in front of clients. But through their support and encouragement over the years, he now considers it to be a core strength, as it helps him view the world differently from the vast majority of Western-born-and-trained analysts. As one client said, “There is great power in humility.”

Even though the investment research space is crowded, good analysis and deep insight remains scarce. This is why we exist: to help investors navigate complexity and find coherence and meaning in a rapidly changing world. Unlike other research providers, we do not set out to be either consensus or contrarian, but instead to be independent. What’s important is that we are agnostic in our analysis, rather than ideological; and empirical, rather than dogmatic. We believe an eclectic approach that is based on common sense, strong logic, and objective data, balanced by right-brain intuition and lots of curiosity is what works best.

Stray Reflections has a diverse global following. Our subscribers range from individual readers to some of the biggest hedge funds, asset managers, family offices, pension funds, endowments, and sovereign wealth funds. Jawad’s writing is prized for its staunch independence, distinct poise, clarity of thought, and courage to push readers outside of the manacles of conventional thinking.

Our mission is to focus passionately on the needs of our clients to make a profound and sustaining difference in their lives. At the heart of it all is creating a community and an experience that you want to be a part of. This takes time but once achieved, creates deeper, and more meaningful relationships. As Rumi would say, “Be with those who help your being.”


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