Before the pandemic set in, it seemed like we were approaching the end of the dominant investment zeitgeist of the 2010s—software is eating the world. But growth stocks are soaring once again after the coronavirus pandemic triggered another displacement which accelerated a variety of macro trends. 

The future has been pulled forward creating a decade’s worth of change in just a few months. To identify opportunities and discuss what comes next, we were joined by Cameron Khajavi (CIO, MIK Capital), Gavin Baker (CIO, Atreides), and Ram Parameswaran (CIO, Octahedron Capital) in this month’s salon for a wide-ranging discussion. 

Chart 1: A surprising change of destiny Years of physical retail businesses disappearing may have given way to a new era where bricks and mortar become one of the keys for success for a new kind of future—omnichannel.

Chart 2: Cloud continues to scale “Alibaba Group is one of the cheapest companies in the world today.”

Chart 3: Where are the Millennials’ homes? The virus has pulled forward the future in ecommerce and retail. It has also pulled millions of people back into the homebuying market to look for a home for their families and remote work needs. With inadequate supply, a new construction boom is unfolding.

Source: Unsplash